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Patient Lift Slings

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Patient Lift Slings • Full Body Sling • Hoyer Slings • Divided Leg • U-Sling • Stand-Up & Toileting Patient Slings

Patient lift slings come in a wide array of styles to meet a variety of client needs and depending on the patient lift or standing lift used. The stretch-resistant feature means the slings will hold their shape, for superior support and ease of positioning. Patient slings come in a variety of sizes and most styles now include the straps or hookups so no additional chain or strap kit is needed. Recommended for the elderly, infirm and handicapped. 

Types of Slings

Divided leg and u-sling patient slings are unique for toileting and easy removing from the patient because the patient is supported from the back and underneath the thighs, but not underneath the buttocks. When the individual is lowered onto a commode, chair, wheelchair, toilet, etc. the divided leg and u-sling style patient sling is easily removed because the user is not sitting on the sling. Full body patient slings support the entire back side of individuals from head to knees who need total body support. Full body slings also come in variety of styles including mesh, polyester and/or with or without a commode opening for toileting use. Two-point slings are the most economical but require additional straps or chains to attach the sling to the patient lift

Standing, stand-up or transporting patient slings are used only with a standing or stand-up patient lift. Standing patient slings assist the user up to almost a full standing position which requires the user to put over 50% over their own body weight on their own feet. Transporting patient slings lift up the patient to a semi-standing, or squatting, position which requires less than half of their own body weight on their own feet.

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