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Oxygen Regulators & Conservers

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Oxygen Conservers (Easy Pulse, Evolution, Bonsai Velocity) • Oxygen Regulators • PulseDose & Analyzers

Invacare®, DeVilbiss®, Chad and Precision Medical® oxygen regulators and conserving regulators for use by the disabled, handicapped, elderly, or other breathing impaired persons in the convalescent hospital, skilled nursing, assisted living facility or in a home care environment.

Oxygen regulators and oxygen conservers regulate the flow of oxygen from a portable cylinder of compressed oxygen to tubing and a nasal cannula or mask. Oxygen regulators release the compressed oxygen in a continuous mode measured in Liters Per Minute (LPM). Conservers offer a much greater savings of oxygen because the oxygen can also be released from the cylinder as a pulse (PulseDose) only during inspiration or inhalation. Oxygen release in the Pulse or PulseDose mode amounts to as high as a 6:1 savings versus a continuous flow mode. This means the oxygen in the cylinder tanks will last up to six (6) times longer when using an oxygen conserver versus an oxygen regulator.


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