Geri Chairs & Recliners

Geri chairs, 3-position & clinical recliners & mobile positioning chairs for long term sitting

Uni-Recliners • Geri-Chairs • Three-Position Recliners • Clinical Care Recliners • Mobile Positioning Chairs

Three-Position Recliners (Mobile Recumbent Chairs) provide exceptional support and comfort in a multi-position recliner. Premier and Deluxe Three Position Recliners provide essential ergonomic seating comfort with lumbar support and wider arm pads. Deluxe models also meet the additional needs of the user with drop-arm, petite and extra wide models.

Clinical Care Recliners (Mobile Treatment Chairs) are especially suited for clinical needs where optimal positioning is required during dialysis, blood collections, oncology and outpatient clinics. Hospital Recliners also feature four swivel casters, two side tables for holding prep materials and instant Trendelenburg "shock" positioning with the pull of a trigger.

Mobile Positioning Chairs are designed to meet the needs of patients who require specific, long-term support and positioning. Invacare's HTR tilt and recline chairs can be configured to fit the specific needs of the patient with exceptional comfort, positioning and support. Excellent value for any long-term care facility that requires optimal positioning for patient care.

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