Sliding Benches

Individual moves with seat as it slides on rails with different style seats and rail lengths available

Sliding transfer benches (also called sliding shower chairs) provide a seating surface for those who have difficulty standing in the bathtub or shower while bathing. Sliding transfer benches extend beyond the edge of the bath tub (or outside of the shower) for those who cannot step into the tub or shower. Most sliding transfer bench models come in a variety of different slide lengths which affects the overall length of the bench and the amount the bench extends out into the bathroom area beyond the tub wall or shower.. All sliding transfer benches have an adjustable seat height and may also feature a padded seat, swivel seat and/or a seat with a hygienic cut-out for personal washing.

Sliding transfer benches or chairs require an attendant to assist the patient sliding with the seat across the rails. The individual moves with the seat across the rails which requires assistance from someone not sitting on the seat. Sliding bath tub transfer benches are different from a non-sliding transfer bench in that the user slides with the seat in cases when the user cannot slide themself across a bench seat.

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