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We sell a wide variety of transport, electric, manual, lightweight, heavy duty and reclining wheelchairs that offer the best quality at an affordable discount price. Invacare, Drive, Probasics, Nova, Tuffcare, Golden Technologies and Medline all manufacture medical wheelchairs for all types of need, including the disabled, handicapped, elderly, and invalids. All of the wheelchairs we sell are backed by a manufacturer warranty. Many of the electric motorized wheelchairs also include a service plan which includes labor.

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  • Electric wheelchairs include folding, power elevating seat, rear wheel, front wheel or mid wheel drive chairs operated by battery powered motor(s) through a joystick control.
  • Transport wheelchairs, also known as travel or companion wheelchairs, require someone else to push the chair from behind. The occupant cannot propel a transport wheelchair themself unless they move with their feet against the ground.
  • Manual (standard) wheelchairs can either be pushed by someone from behind or can be propelled by the person in the wheelchair by means of hand rims attached to the two larger rear wheels.
  • Lightweight wheelchairs operate like a manual wheelchair but with a lighter frame and offer more options and customizations to better suit the individual needs of the user.
  • Heavy duty wheelchairs operate like a manual wheelchair but include a reinforced frame, larger seat and higher weight capacity.
  • Reclining wheelchairs operate similar to standard wheelchairs with the additional feature of a reclining back, which is operated only by someone from behind the chair. A reclining wheelchair back is especially important for individuals who cannot sit in a full upright position.

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