All the equipment you need to keep seniors and the disabled safe in the bathroom

We offer a wide selection of the very best in bathroom safety and accessibility equipment to help assist seniors and the disabled in a multitude of needs for toileting and bathing in the home, rehab, hospital or clinical setting. This includes commodes, bath & shower chairs, transfer benches, bars and poles, toilet seats and more. 

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  • Commode Toilet Chairs

    Commode Toilet Chairs

    Bedside, over-the-toilet, drop-arm, rolling, folding and heavy duty toilet commodes

    You've come to the right place if you're looking for best quality commodes for toileting needs in the bedroom or bathroom at the best price. We also offer our customers a low price match guarantee and free shipping on all home medical equipment so you won't be paying more here than somewhere else. But we also take great pride in our customer service. 

    To narrow your search, after you’ve chosen the category, please use the filter on the left.

    A commode, aka commode chair, assists the elderly or handicapped with their toileting needs. As evidenced by the commode types in this category, you have a lot to choose from.

    1. 3-in-1 commodes can used next to bed eliminating the need for the patient to move to the bathroom, but it can be used in the bathroom on the toilet set itself. The seat is raised making it easier for the patient to get on and off. It also has arms to keep the patient from falling off. It's perfect for the patient who can use the toilet in either the bedroom or bathroom.
    2. Drop-arm commodes are used bedside. Because the arms drop it makes it easier for the patient to get to the commode from either the bed or a wheelchair.
    3. Rolling commode chairs offer mobility and are perfect for use in the shower, providing the shower provides roll-in access. Many rolling shower chairs can also be used as a bedside commode or rolled over the toilet and used as a raised toilet seat. Because of the flexibility, this is a popular choice.
    4. Folding commodes have a folding frame that provides a compact size for travel and storage when not in use.
    5. Finally, heavy duty commodes are reinforced to support heavier weights and have a wider frame. We carry heavy duty commodes in all styles.

    We're here in live chat to answer questions
    No need to feel uncertain over what to buy. We have decades of experience in the field and are here to help you in live chat during working hours. Leave your questions if we're away and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

    Can a commode be used over the toilet?
    Yes. 3-in-1 commodes can be used either bedside or over the toilet. When used on the toilet, they have the benefit of raising the seat making it easier to get on and off.

    How do you transfer someone from the wheelchair to the toilet?
    First, we recommend getting a drop-arm commode to make it easy to transfer the patient. Here is a video that demonstrates how it is done.

    Why should I buy a commode from you and not Amazon or some other home medical equipment company?
    First, we are a family-run business with years of experience. We know our customers needs and we are careful about what we choose to sell to meet those needs. That’s why we sell only the very best home medical equipment brands including commodes. We also offer free shipping, low price guarantee, and easy returns. 

    How much is shipping?
    Shipping is free in the Continental USA for all commodes and other products. Please contact us if you require shipping to Alaska or Hawaii.

    What if I don't like it? What is your return policy?
    Some products by law cannot be returned for hygienic reasons. For all others, we offer a 30-day return policy on most products. Damaged product may be returned and exchanged at no cost to you. All others will be shipped at the customer’s expense to the least costly location. A 15-20% restocking fee will also apply depending on the item. See our Policy page for more information.

    You said you will match price if I found a cheaper price elsewhere. What do I need to do to get that low price?
    Thank you for wanting to do business with us! This is explained in detail on our Policy page. First though, we like to advise customers that there may be hidden costs at other shopping sites such as shipping or tax. Or perhaps what you're looking at may not include options we include. Be sure you are comparing apples to oranges!

    Do you bill Medicare?
    In order to keep our costs down and offer greatly reduced prices, ADHME does not bill any insurance company. However, for certain products that Medicare may partially reimburse on a purchase (i.e., commodes, lift chairs, walkers and rollators), we do provide a detailed paid invoice which will include any product HCPCS billing codes. We suggest checking with your private insurance company about possible reimbursement from them with your paid receipt.


  • Bath & Shower Chairs

    Bath & Shower Chairs

    Bath Stools & Chairs, Rolling and Heavy Duty for those who have difficulty standing while bathing

    Features may include an adjustable seat height, padded seat and backrest, cut out or opening in seat, heavy duty, wheels or armrests. We provide a large variety of bath and shower chairs to fit a multitude of needs.

    No need to feel uncertain over what to buy. We have decades of experience in the field and are here to help you in live chat during working hours. Leave your questions if we're away and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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  • Transfer Benches

    Transfer Benches

    Sliding, swivel & non-sliding benches extend beyond edge of tub or shower for those who cannot step in

    Transfer benches provide a seating surface that extends beyond the edge of the bath tub (or outside the shower) for those individuals who cannot first step into the tub or shower before they sit down for bathing. Bath tub benches, sliding benches and transfer tub benches are all adjustable in height and reversible to sit facing either to the left or right when assembled.

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  • Grab Bars & Poles

    Grab Bars & Poles

    Bath tub bars, grab bars, suction grab bar, standing pole, security pole for added support in bathroom

    We offer a variety in quality bath tub bars (grab bars), suction cup grab bars, standing pole and security standing poles at a discount price. Bathtub bars, grab bars, suction grab bars and tub rails clamp to the bath tub wall and give additional support for a person to hold onto when stepping in or out of the tub. Security poles and standing poles are tension mounted between the floor and ceiling and assist the individual in standing from a seated position or for transferring from one seated object to another.

  • Raised Toilet Seats

    Raised Toilet Seats

    Increase toilet height with Elevated Toilet Seat, Commode Riser, Toilet Seat Risers, Safety Frame Arms

    Raised toilet seats, toilet seat risers or elevated toilet seat increase the height of the toilet, aiding a person who has difficulty standing up from a seated position. Armrests give additional support for a person to hold onto when standing or sitting. Additional features may include a clamp-on or locking mechanism to secure the unit to the toilet and come in standard or elongated sizes depending on the shape of the toilet. Safety frame arms attach to the toilet separately and extend to the floor for added strength.

  • Bathtub Lifts

    Bathtub Lifts

    Battery operated bath tub lifts provide seat surface that raises & lowers individual in bath tub

    Bathtub lift chairs use a battery operated hand control to raise and lower the individual down into the bath tub. The Bath Tub Lift seat can be raised up to the top of the tub wall to use the seat as a transfer bench. The seat can then be lowered down into the bath tub when the user wants to sit inside the bath tub to take a bath. Additional features may include a reclining backrest, padded seat and back, and rechargeable battery. Suitable for the elderly, handicapped and infirm.

  • Bath Safety Accessories

    Bath Safety Accessories

    Hand held sprayer, shower sprayers, inflatable bath tub for bed and other bathing accessories

    Hand-held shower kits or sprayers are attached to a long hose to help control the direction and flow of the water while bathing, especially when using a bath or shower curtain or door is not possible. Additional bathroom safety accessories may include tub spouts for use with a hand held shower sprayer or inflatable bathroom tubs or basins for bathing and/or hair washing for individiuals who cannot get out of the bed. The inflatable bath tub or basins allow you to bring the bathing and washing experience to the person in the bed!