Mattress Overlays

Alternating pressure overlay & gel foam overlays lay on top of a mattress to help prevent bed sores

Pressure Relief Mattress Overlays • Alternating Pressure Pads & Mattress • APP, Foam & Gel Therapy Overlay

Alternating Pressure Pads and foam or gel mattress overlays are a less costly alternative to mattress replacement systems and attach to an existing hospital style bed mattress. The alternating pressure pad systems are designed to aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers (also called bed sores) by alternately inflating and deflating air cells in the mattress overlay or pad in a regular cyclical pattern. This offers pressure relief and improved air circulation; allowing air to reach the skin and preventing sweat build up. Some overlays also include Low Air Loss therapy which helps prevent and treat pressure ulcers by maintaining an aerated, dry sleeping surface which in turn prevents skin moisture build up between the body and mattress. Recommended for the elderly, infirm and handicapped. 

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