Standing Slings

Standing & transport slings for use only with sit to stand or standing lift which stand patient up on their feet

Stand up or standing patient lift slings come in a variety of styles to meet a variety of client needs. The soft-brushed lining helps prevent sliding for ultimate comfort and skin protection. And the new stretch-resistant feature means the slings will hold their shape, for superior support and ease of positioning. For clients and caregivers alike, stand up lift slings are designed with comfort and safety in mind.

Standing, stand-up or transport patient slings are only used with a standing or stand-up patient lift for individuals who are weight bearing. Standing patient slings assist the user up to almost a full standing position which requires the user to put more than half of their own body weight on their own feet. Transport, or transfer, patient slings lift up the patient to a semi-standing, or squatting, position which requires less than half of their own body weight on their own feet.

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